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Relish the nouvelle culinary delights from the ‘Farm to Table’ concept crafted to offer a fresh and quality rich contemporary dining experience for the guests of Tiffin Room, a multi cuisine restaurant at Alila Bangalore. The Farm to Table’ concept is a contemporary dining approach designed to highlight the significance of local food production and its myriad strong connections between plate, people, planet and community development.

The Tiffin Room menu has been designed to complement the best of Indian produce at its best from farm to the table. All the key ingredients are produced by Indian farmers who grow their farms organically and are equally passionate about great food.The menu features distinct Indian flavours crafted ingeniously to lend a global flavour and character making it appealing to our global guests.

“At Alila Bangalore, we have strived to retain the charm of traditional preparations but have infused a contemporary twist making it more relevant for the global guest to enjoy the restaurant. The menu will cater to diverse taste palates however, will enjoy the preferences of all environment friendly enthusiast due to its limited ‘eco footprint’ approach. To add to the novelty factor, we have designed the menu book to exude a refreshing approach as it lists like-minded and unique food partners who are dedicated to provide superlative dining experiences to the guest” says Executive Chef Suvaranjan Banerjee.

Farm-fresh fare packed with nutrients and innovative food presentations will be factors that will entice the guests and will thus create a winning ground for everyone from the farmer to chef to the diner.

Alila Bangalore酒店旗下Tiffin Room多国菜餐厅以全新餐饮概念「农场直送餐桌」为题,着重优质新鲜食材,以现代风格缔造完美用餐体验,炮制令人回味无穷的新派美食佳肴。「农场直送餐桌」源于现代餐饮理念,旨在突显本地食材生产的重要性,强调烹调菜式、市民大众、地球与社会发展之间千丝万缕的关系。

Tiffin Room餐厅所设计的菜单充分地体现「农场直送餐桌」概念,以最优质的印度食材烹调出精致的菜肴。所有关键的食材均来自一群爱好饮食的印度农民,以有机耕种方式种植。总厨为了迎合全球客人的口味,精心设计餐单,巧妙地借用环球饮食文化的特色及风格,呈献具独特印度风味的佳肴。

行政总厨Suvaranjan Banerjee表示:「Alila Bangalore酒店不但致力保留传统烹调的魅力,同时亦为菜式注入现代风格。餐单不但能迎合来自世界各地食客的口味,而且也兼顾了「生态足迹」中的环保要素,相信会获得支持环保的顾客的爱戴。另外,为了增加新鲜感,我们特意设计菜单书籍,以耳目一新的手法,列出独一无二的饮食界伙伴。他们坚持为客户提供极致超凡的用餐体验与我们不谋而合。」