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In today’s perpetually plugged-in, fast-paced world, personal energy is increasingly taxed, and finding ways to rejuvenate and re-energize is more challenging than ever. Recognizing there is a universal need for increased personal energy and revitalization, Four Seasons is launching Energy by Four Seasons.. Guests seeking an integrated and customized approach to wellness will now have access to a locally-inspired collection of spa treatments, dining options and other energy-boosting solutions curated specifically to promote greater overall well-being both inside and out, and allow guests to make the most of each day.

Maintaining optimal personal energy levels is becoming increasingly challenging.  As part of a commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of guests, Energy by Four Seasons seeks to mitigate the impact of daily stress on energy levels with a deepened commitment to offering simple and effective energy-boosting solutions.

“Since opening North America’s first hotel with a full-service spa in 1986, Four Seasons has been a leader in holistic wellness,” says Simon Casson, Chairman, Global Spa Task Force at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “Recognizing that each guest has a unique journey to rejuvenation that encompasses both mind and body, we’ve not only developed new and innovative treatments at our world class spas, we’ve also created nutritious food and beverage options. This, complemented by our exclusive customizable sleep experience launched early this year, truly creates a sanctuary for guests where they can successfully relax and recharge and experience energy-enhancing benefits well beyond their stay at Four Seasons."

Whether visiting Four Seasons for a few days to escape the stresses of day-to-day life and experience a revitalizing Four Seasons wellness package, or for a few hours to power up with a nutritionally-packed lunch, Four Seasons provides customized experiences designed to meet the individual needs of any guest focused on boosting energy levels and restoring vitality.

Many energy solutions are delivered holistically as spa experts work in tandem with other disciplines for a balanced approach to wellness. At Four Seasons Westlake Village, California, guests benefit from a team of registered dieticians who create Sustained Living menus. The experience extends to optimizing relaxation and sleep in a dedicated Tranquility Wing featuring sleep consultations, meditation or hypnotherapy.  Energy healing and personalized fitness programming are also part of the experience. Because energy levels should be sustained beyond a visit to Four Seasons, the Hotel offers Life Balance consultations and hands on cooking classes to reap all the benefits of healthy living at home.

Additional highlights from the full range of Energy by Four Seasons experiences include:

Spa: Whether in search of a little luxurious pampering or in need of restorative treatments, guests can choose from a number of unique, exclusive and locally-inspired spa experiences. Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania offers the Mbuyu Experience, which incorporates the exotic baobab fruit of the African savannah. The vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruit is used in a sequence of treatments including juicing, massages and a baobab tasting, all designed to rejuvenate the immune system and promote mental clarity. Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa uses lunar energies that correspond to the moon’s four phases to align the body’s natural rhythms, while Four Seasons Hotel Beijing works with leading doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine to restore the body’s Qi to stimulate vitality, and eliminate toxins and tensions with Tibetan singing bowls.  

Food and Beverage: Because poor food choices can lead to a lack of energy, wellness must be addressed from within, beginning with nourishing and healthy foods.  By embarking on a 24-hour detox at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong featuring cold-pressed raw juices, smoothies and “mylks” that boast an abundance of essential vitamins and minerals, guests are offered a variety of revitalizing and rejuvenating food and beverage options. At Four Seasons Resort Seychelles, healthy meals are designed for each guest according to a guest’s Yi-King master element, served to enhance the benefits of a hilltop fusion massage.

Services and Amenities: Understanding that fitness is a fundamental part of achieving optimal health and benefits mind, body and soul, Four Seasons has elevated the experience of exercising by offering guests new ways of achieving their personal fitness goals for optimal wellbeing. Guests can participate in the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, ocean-view yoga at Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, or antigravity yoga in Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru, to name just a few.





许多健康与能量相关的方案都需寻求各方面的平衡,由水疗专家与其他领域的健康专家共同打造而成。在加州西湖村四季酒店,专业的注册营养师团队为宾客悉心设计了一份Sustained Living健康菜单。同时,优质的宾客体验延伸到宾客休憩和睡眠的每一个细节,为此酒店特设一处Tranquility Wing,为宾客提供睡眠咨询、冥想课程及催眠疗法等。此外,能量愈疗和个性化的定制健身课程也是健康体验的一部分。为了让宾客在离开四季酒店后仍能时时保持最佳的能量水平,加州西湖村四季酒店也持续提供相关咨询以及简单实用的厨艺课程,令宾客在家中亦能乐享与酒店内同样的健康生活。


水疗护理:无论是期待寻觅奢华的休闲方式,或是恢复式的治愈体验,宾客均可在一系列当地特色的水疗护理中选择专属于自己的称心体验。坦桑尼亚的塞伦盖蒂四季游猎原墅酒店的Mbuyu Experience健康体验,融合了异域风情的非洲大草原上闻名遐迩的猴面包树果实。富含维他命和抗氧化因子的猴面包树果实也被用于整个健康方案的各个环节,包括果汁、按摩和餐食等,帮助宾客提升免疫系统活力,并使头脑更为清晰。马尔代夫库达呼拉岛四季度假酒店则运用月亮的能量,借助月相的阴晴圆缺来调整身体的自然韵律。而北京四季酒店发挥古老的中医魅力,通过调理内部气理使身体能量恢复,并利用藏族的钟碗的余音消除人体内的毒素。