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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Arno Nicolussi Moretto, New Cluster General Manager of Greenland World Center Hotels Hongqiao


Grand Hotels Media:As a seasoned and hands-on senior professional with over 28 years of hotel management experience, you have assumed positions in a number of international brand hotels. So, what attracts you most about Greenland International Hotels Group (GIHG)?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:During the 17 years when I worked in China, I have witnessed Chinas rapid economic development as well as the emergence of Chinese hotel brands. More and more hotel investors are gaining the dual identity of hotel managers plus investors, demonstrating that the Chinese hotels have an improved understanding and control of hotels.Many local hotel management companies excel in performance and through word of mouth and I am pleased to say thatGreenland International Hotels is one of them.


In each Greenland hotel, you will have access to superior services featuring the collision of atraditional Chinese culture intertwined with a modern western mix. Greenland Group has always been committed to the service philosophy of making a better life, aiming to provide guests and employees with attractive and caring accommodations and working experiences.

Hence, I feel honored being able to work for such a well-capitalized, far-sighted and caring company.


Grand Hotels Media: Greenland World Center Hotels will launch three new hotels in the year of 2017. What are your expectations towards the operation and management of these hotels?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:As the first complex China-based hotels of Greenland International Hotels, we have made bold and innovative attempts in terms of operations. With only one management team to take charge of all crucial posts and functional departments, labor costs are minimized while efficiency is improved. For instance, our Sales & Marketing, Marketing & Communications, Revenue Management, Human Resources, Finance and Engineering teams concurrently manage all three hotels.


In Greenland International Hotels, we encourage our staff to improve themselves with personalized development plans carried out for each of our employees. As one of Chinas largest hotel property investors and operators, GIHG owns hotel assets of more than RMB 20 billion, with 20,000 rooms in 79 hotels and projects in pipelines across 7 countries and 54 cities. With own-branded hotels as its core business, GIHG is transforming itself into a world-renowned hotel management company and will achieve a portfolio of more than 100 hotels worldwide by the end of 2020. With numerous opportunities in front of us, I believe that in the near future, many of our team members will become pioneers of other Greenland hotels. In the meantime, we will cultivate more professional hoteliers for the Group.

Grand Hotels Media:PRIMUS Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao, PRIMUS Residence Shanghai Hongqiao and The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao will be respectively opened in October, June and April this year. Since the hotels all belong to Greenland International Hotels Group (GIHG), do they have any difference in brand concept and service?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:PRIMUS is an ideal luxury hotel that is located in the frontier of the city, which gives a nice balance for each and every business and leisure traveler a place of comfortability and relaxation while in a stylish and urban retreat. With a modern and dynamic atmosphere, PRIMUS provides unique freestyle services with a personality and an inspired attitude of luxury.


PRIMUS Hotel creates an ideal luxury destination for high-end FIT and business travelers. PRIMUS Residence aims to create a Home Away from Home with ideal comfort. The warm color and design of pure solid wood, as well as the spacious and illustrious space, serves purposes of personal business travel and family residing (a family of six members at the most).


Life is a wonderful journey If travelling is regarded as drawing a cycle, The QUBE hotel could be the most splendid part. The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao is designed for business travelers who are looking for convenience to a comfortable stay.


Grand Hotels Media:You have worked in China for over ten years. So far, is there any obvious change in your work and life during your stay in this country?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:Having worked in China for 17 years, I have witnessed many significant changes to China. I was fortunate to get the chance to serve in the Beijing Olympics 2008 and Shanghai World Expo 2010, witnessing Chinas world-renowned moments of brilliance. Along with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the younger generationsare receiving excellent education not only in math and science, but for English as well. We will find that the majority of young adults around us today in China speak fluent English. Likewise, there are many of these well-educated young adults serving in my team. They play important roles similar to those that have studied overseas.


What surprises me the most is the convenience of living in China, which is a country where high technology and social media are given full rein. Payment for transportation, catering, shopping, all can be made by the press of a button on a cell phone. Carrying a purse no longer serves its purpose, rather it is now mostly for the fashionable. Application of these technologies has facilitated the development of the hotel market, allowing people a greater space for thoughts and changes.


Grand Hotels Media:As a very experienced hotelier, how do you communicate with your team members? What kind of spirit do you want them to have and what kind of methods will you use to manage them?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:I have never deemed myself a hotel manager in a real sense. Most often, I ask my colleagues to address problems from a guests perspective. What if the same situation occurs to themselves as guests? Therefore, our colleagues serve guests with the most thoughtful and attentive attitude.


On the other hand, each colleague in the hotel has great potential. In Greenland World Center Hotels Shanghai, our colleagues are referred to as talents rather than ordinary employees. With sincere respect and considerations for their future development, the talents work harder to serve guests in an optimistic manner, making Greenland World Center Hotels Shanghai the mainstay of the hotel industry.


Grand Hotels Media:The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao & PRIMUS Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao are customized for business travelers and companies for an ideal meeting & stay experience. So, what kind of venues and services does the hotel have for business meetings?


Mr.Arno Nicolussi Moretto:By virtue of unique geographical location and complete conference facilities, PRIMUS Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao & The QUBE Hotel Shanghai Hongqiao have become the top selections as venues for various high-end conferences, social activities and weddings. The magnificent 1,200-square-meter non-pillar PRIMUS Ballroom can be flexibly divided into 3 sub-halls, capable of accommodating 1,400 guests concurrently at the most. In addition, there are 17 meeting rooms with consummate facilities in the 2 hotels & 1 residence, all equipped with modern multimedia and light-acoustics equipment so as to guarantee professionalism and luxury of the conferences. The Hotels also provides characterized customization services for meetings and render profoundly wonderful conference experiences.