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Interview with Mr. Marc Moneaux, a long-stay Guest of Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai

专访上海财大豪生大酒店长住客Marc Moneaux先生

Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai officially opened its door in December 28, 2007. Constructed on the international five-star standard, the hotel is under the management of Greater China Hospitality (H.K.) Company Limited. with the joint investment of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics as well as Shanghai Chunda Sourceland Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Embracing the 10th anniversary of its founding this year, Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai has developed into an elegant and stylish five-star hotel equipped with sound software and hardware facilities, best catering to the needs of business, traveling and meeting. The hotel boasts various meeting and banquet venues with a total area of 1,000 square meters, providing comprehensive and professional services for all kinds of business and social activities. The multifunctional rooms with a full range of facilities can meet the requirements for meetings of various sizes. In addition, all the conference venues are accessible to wireless Internet, advanced audio-visual equipment and simultaneous interpretation system. Other amenities including professional private assistant and secretarial services as well as high-speed Internet access services can also be found in the hotel’s Business Center.

Meanwhile, this year is also the 100th anniversary of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. With a hundred years of history and culture, the university has rich academic atmosphere, which cultivates not only thousands of students but also Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai.

In such a special year, Grand Hotels Media has the great privilege to recall the past and look to the future with Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai together. In this issue, we interviewed Mr. Marc Moneaux, a long-stay guest of the hotel, discovering the other side of the hotel from the perspective of the guest. In October, we will interpret the hotel from the viewpoint of the hotel staff. In December, we will also report the 10th anniversary ceremony of the hotel in our cover story.

Grand Hotels Media: This year, Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai is embracing its 10th anniversary of establishment. What makes you choose this hotel as your home away from home?

Mr. Marc Moneaux: Every year, about 180 surgeons all over the world stay at Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai for two weeks. At the beginning, we chose the hotel because it’s close to Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. The hospital recommended the hotel for us and we found it convenient and comfortable after long-term cooperation. Later, we grew fond of the hotel gradually. Situated next to the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, the hotel enjoys an advantageous geographical location. It’s a 5-minute drive to Fudan University and Tongji University and very close to Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao International Airport, People’s Square and the Bund. Quite environment and amicable staff are also the reasons I love Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai.

Grand Hotels Media: Since 2007, Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai has opened for a decade. Could you share with us how you witness the hotel development during these years?

Mr. Marc Moneaux: In recent years, the hotel has constantly improved no matter in room services or software and hardware facilities. Compared to 10 years ago, the hotel has become increasingly considerate in food, accommodation and business facilities. Besides, the deepest touch for me is that in Shanghai, the communication tool is more and more advanced. Recently, I am using a local communication software, which totally works well at abroad.

Grand Hotels Media: As far as we know, you are the Senior Marketing Executive of GRENA LTD., a company specializing in medical devices. At all times, you need to fly around the world, along with your friend, Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas, who is also the inventor of uniportal VATS and Director of VATS Training Course for Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. Dr. Diego Gonzalez Rivas is also a long-stay guest of Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai. So, do the hotel’s meeting facilities and services cater to your business needs?

Mr. Marc Moneaux: Like other world renowned doctors, I travel around the world every year. Shanghai is just one stop. We find Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai particularly comfortable and convenient not only for its superior geographical location and tranquil living environment, but also for its well-equipped meeting facilities.

Grand Hotels Media: As a long-stay guest of the hotel, you must be very familiar with the surrounding environment and delicacies. Could you give us an insight?

Mr. Marc Moneaux: At work, I usually stayed in my room for several days. Guest room had become the other office for me. The hotel served various featured dishes so that I could concentrate on my work. The Chinese Restaurant serves very delicious local food. The Japanese cuisine and hot pot are also very good options. Besides, there are a lot of fantastic bars and restaurants near Wujiaochang, which are all worthwhile to try.

Grand Hotels Media: Nowadays, the hospitality industry is booming with fierce competition. What makes you a loyal customer to Howard Johnson Caida Plaza Shanghai?

Mr. Marc Moneaux: First of all, the hotel keeps quite in a bustling neighborhood, which makes me very satisfied. Secondly, the hotel has comfortable and intimate services as well as well-equipped software and hardware facilities. Last but not at least, I’ve already had a special feeling towards the hotel. The longer I stayed here, the more I knew about the hotel. Up to now, I am quite familiar with the hotel staff, facility and services. The hotel creates such a relaxing, pleasant and considerate atmosphere, which is just like my home away from home. I couldn’t find any reason I should leave here.




十年厚积,今朝薄发,值此欢庆之年,大酒店传媒亦有幸与财大豪生共同追忆往昔,展望未来。本期,我们采访到了上海财大豪生达酒店长住客Marc Moneaux先生,期望从宾客的角度来了解上海财大豪生大酒店;今年十月,我们将从酒店内部员工的角度为大家解读上海财大豪生大酒店;而年底,则是上海财大豪生大酒店的十周年大型庆典活动,届时,大酒店传媒亦将在颁奖典礼全场摆放的12月特刊中,在封面故事一栏对此活动进行持续报道。


Marc Moneaux先生:每年都会有大约180来自世界各地的外科医生在上海财大豪生大酒店住宿2周左右,我们之所以选择财大豪生大酒店,最开始是因为它靠近上海市肺科医院,医院向我们推荐了它,长期合作后我们也觉得财大豪生很不错。后来,则是因为自己慢慢喜欢上了在财大豪生居住,为它不仅拥有优越的地理位置——坐落于杨浦区内历史悠久的上海财经大学校园旁,距离著名的复旦大学和同济大学仅5分钟的车程,距浦东国际机场、虹桥国际机场、人民广场、外滩等地比较近,还拥有安静的环境和友善的员工。


Marc Moneaux先生:近年来上海财大豪生大酒店不仅在客房服务上,在软硬件设施等方面也一直在不断的改进和完善,相比十年前,无论是美食,住宿,还是商务洽谈,都显得更为贴心与周到。另外,我感触最深的变化就是:在上海,人们的通讯方式变得越来越先进,而我最近在使用一款本地的通信软件,非常好,甚至我在国外使用也没有任何问题。

《大酒店》:据悉,您就职于一家经营医疗器械,名为“格兰诺”的公司,您经常和您的朋友Diego Gonzalez Rivas先生飞于世界各地,Diego Gonzalez Rivas先生是单项转运体腔镜的发明者,也是上海市肺科医院腔镜手术培训课的主管。和您一样,Diego Gonzalez Rivas先生也长期居住于财大豪生大酒店,作为财大豪生长住客,请问酒店商务会议方面的服务对您和您朋友的事业提供了怎样的帮助呢?

Marc Moneaux先生:我和一些具有一定国际知名度的医生每年都在世界各地穿梭往来,上海是其中一站,我和这些医生每年入住上海财大豪生大酒店除了他们优越的地理位置和安静舒适的环境对我们十分重要之外,上海财大豪生健全方便的会议办公设备亦功劳不小。


Marc Moneaux先生:工作时,我在房间一待就是好几天,客房已成为了我的第二办公室,而酒店提供的客房送餐服务很有特色,让我可以专心工作。中餐厅提供的本地菜很美味,还有日料和火锅,选择比较多样。另外,附近的五角场周围有很多酒吧餐厅,味道也都不错,可以去尝试一下。


Marc Moneaux先生:首先,上海财大豪生大酒店闹中取静的地理位置令我非常满意;其次,酒店本身舒适贴心的服务和健全完善的软硬件设施也是我选择它的原因;另外,人都是有感情的,我在这儿住的时间,对酒店的员工、设施、服务等就越熟悉,住在这里就像住在家里一样,整个酒店给我一种很周到、很轻松,也很愉悦的氛围,我有什么理由不继续住下去呢?